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Safety Measures Fit for Motorcycle Riders

motorcycle safetyEach spring, a motorcycle rider somewhere is gearing up for that first ride. Many will find themselves tuning up the bike while waiting for the weather to warm up enough to hit the open road. Yet the motorcycle rider who readies her bike must also ready herself to be as safe as possible.

With little protection compared to an automobile, knowing rider safety tips goes far beyond the basic education obtained in a motorcycle rider safety course.

Motorcycle Rider Basic Safety Plan

Prepare your bike before the first ride. Check all electrical, brakes, and tire pressure and wear. Get in the habit of taking it to a professional motorcycle technician for a tune-up and complete check up before each riding season.

  • Watch out for spring time conditions common in many areas that receive snow. Look for potholes, gravel deposits on the road, and frost heaves. All of these can create potential dangers to a motorcycle rider.
  • Pay attention to other vehicles on the road. When the riding season first begins, motor vehicles may not be looking for, or at, motorcyclists. Many accidents and fatalities caused by motorists have a driver who says, “I didn’t even see him.” This is particularly common before summer gets into full swing.
  • Wear appropriate motorcycle rider apparel. It may not be favorable to many, but it could easily save a life.
  • Adequate gear includes a DOT approved helmet, leather jacket and chaps, ankle high boots, leather gloves, and eye protection. Rider apparel serves a dual purpose of protection in accidents and also against the elements and flying debris.
  • Don’t be a hazard to other motor vehicles by exceeding speed limits, drinking and operating a motorcycle or driving tired. All of these create potentially dangerous situations.
  • Evaluate the ability to drive a motorcycle periodically. With age often comes a decline in reflexes and vision. It’s important for a motorcycle rider to be able to abruptly maneuver a bike and reflexive action and ability to see impediments are crucial.

Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course

Most people interested in becoming a motorcycle rider will take this fundamental course that will teach basic safety and how to ride a motorcycle. In two days, it’s possible to go from never having ridden a motorcycle to having a license or permit to ride on the open road. It’s important to remember that this is a foundational course that teaches statistics and the basics of riding. It is not experience from riding on the road with other types of motor vehicles in traffic or at higher rates of speed. However, it is a good start for beginners just starting the riding experience, for those who’ve had a break from riding and want to get back into it, or for the older rider who wishes to hone his skills.

Ride Safe

From the beginning rider to the seasoned pro, safety should always be foremost in mind. The fact is that thousands of motorcyclists are killed each year due to varying circumstances. The best way to keep this from happening is to be seen and adhere to as many other safety precautions as possible so that the motorcycle rider can continue to do what he loves best: ride.

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