The summer heat has finally arrived, and most of all, we no longer feel like staying in the office, in front of the PC or at school desks; we all want to take our bikes and go round all day instead,
like we used to do as children. Actually, that’s what our editorial staff did, because this issue was virtually finished, but we spent more time on our rides than at our desks…Anyway, this issue is bringing some news that I hope you will enjoy. First of all, a translator that knows her stuff will help us with these pages, in order to turn what we have to say into comprehensible English! Secondly, the Italian and English versions will be on the same page, so that it will be easier to download them abroad! I can’t deny that there are many more surprises scheduled for after this summer and that we will soon feature new collaborations, but for now let’s open this summer issue, with the super-Italian, super-tattooed and super-famous Andrea Schilirò on our cover! We’re extremely happy to have him on Cykeln’s pages because, as well as being our friend, he’s also a great sportsman, and it’s
always a pleasure to have a chat with him. Last but not least, since we had a lot of time to waste…thanks to Claudio, our Art Director, we decided to found an authentic CYKELN TEAM for crits…that’s right, we have a team and it is made up of different local riders who already have a good prize record; I hope it will bring competitiveness into the Italian scene as well as great results for us on an international level, where this sport has already become a semi-pro discipline. I won’t talk too much about this because you have loads to read…don’t miss the interview to the ever more radiant Kelli Samuelson and feast your eyes on the TheFiXFiXFiX website and his weird founder.
Enjoy your summer, ride your bike and don’t take yourself too seriously, the wheel turns anyway!

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